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Computational Statistics: An Introduction to R

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Venables, W.N.; Ripley, B.D. (2002): Modern Applied Statistics with S. Heidelberg:Springer.
Venables, W.N.; Ripley, B.D. (2000): Programming in S. Heidelberg:Springer.

Chapter 1: Basic Data Analysis

CRAN Contributed Packages

Chapter 2: Regression

Library MASSThis library is built in.
Use R commandlibrary(MASS)
p35 Data Set
Use R command      p35 <- read.delim("http//")
Library MultcompInstall with install.packages("multcomp")
Use R command      library(multcomp)
Sawitzki, G. (1994): Numerical Reliability of Data Analysis Systems. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 18.2 (1994) 269-286, 289-301

Chapter 3: Comparisons

Library BinomInstall with install.packages("binom")
Use R command      library(binom)

Chapter 4: Dimensions 1, 2, 3, …, ∞

Library Grid and LatticeThese libraries are built in.
Use R commandlibrary("lattice")
Library RggobiInstall with install.packages("rggobi")
Use R command      library(rggobi)
Library RglInstall with install.packages("rgl")
Use R command      library(rgl)
Colour Data
Library LocfitInstall with install.packages("locfit")
Use R command      library(locfit)
Library UseRInstall with install.packages("UseR")
Use R command      library(UseR)
Library LeapsInstall with install.packages("leaps")
Use R command      library(leaps)
Library PlsInstall with install.packages("pls")
Use R command      library(pls)
Microarray Video
CRAN Views

Appendix: R as a Programming Language and Environment

Foreign File Access: StataInstall with install.packages("stataread")
Use R command      library(stataread)
Foreign File Access: SQLInstall with install.packages("RODBC")
Use R command      library(RODBC)
Foreign File Access: SAS, SPSS, MinitabInstall with install.packages("foreign")
Use R command      library(foreign)
Library ChronInstall with install.packages("chron")
Use R command      library(chron)
Library NlsInstall with install.packages("nls")
Use R command      library(nls)
Library DistrInstall with install.packages("distr")
Use R command      library(distr)
Memory Profiling

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