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Computational Statistics: Intro to R


book cover: computational statistics

Computational Statistics: An Introduction to R

This is the web page <> accompanying the book

   Günther Sawitzki:    Computational Statistics: An Introduction to R.
        Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, Boca Raton (FL), 2009.
        ISBN: 978-1-4200-8678-2.    bibtex

Course material and supplements for a compact course on computational statistics, including an introduction to R.

From the Book


The R software and additional material can be downloaded from the CRAN repository.
A previous German version is Einführung in R. This version will stay available in the CRAN archive, with kind permission of Chapman & Hall/CRC.

For the project summary page see here.

Contact information is available on the author's home page.

Course and Teaching Material

Additional References

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